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Ashley G. Barter
Ashley G. Barter
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I recently hired Royal Exterior Cleaning for pressure washing services at my property in Hackensack, NJ, and I must say they exceeded my expectations. From the moment I contacted them, their customer service was top-notch. The team arrived on time, well-equipped with professional-grade pressure washing equipment. They efficiently cleaned my driveway, patio, and siding, leaving them looking brand new. The results were truly remarkable! Not only did they provide exceptional service, but their prices were also very reasonable. I highly recommend Royal Exterior Cleaning for anyone in need of thorough and reliable pressure washing.
Susan S. Maya
Susan S. Maya
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Royal Exterior Cleaning did an outstanding job pressure washing my home in Hackensack, NJ. Their attention to detail was truly impressive. They carefully cleaned every nook and cranny, ensuring that no dirt or grime was left behind. The team was courteous, professional, and worked efficiently. My house looks rejuvenated and fresh after their thorough cleaning. I appreciate their dedication to quality and would not hesitate to hire them again. Royal Exterior Cleaning is definitely the go-to company for pressure washing in Hackensack.
Douglas Arena
Douglas Arena
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I recently had the pleasure of working with Royal Exterior Cleaning for pressure washing my deck and sidewalks in Hackensack, NJ. I was thoroughly impressed with their professionalism and reliability throughout the entire process. They promptly scheduled an appointment, arrived on time, and completed the job with utmost efficiency. Their team was highly skilled and used state-of-the-art equipment to achieve excellent results. The deck and sidewalks look spotless and vibrant after their thorough cleaning. I am extremely satisfied with their service and would highly recommend Royal Exterior Cleaning to anyone in need of pressure washing.

Paver Restoration

Our paver restoration service is second to none. We use high-pressure water to remove dirt, grime, and algae from your pavers surface, restoring the original look of your property.

Concrete Restoration

Restore the look and longevity of your concrete surfaces with our professional concrete restoration services. We can remove stains, repair cracks, and seal your concrete to protect it from future damage.

Pressure Washing

Whether it’s your home’s siding, driveway, or walkway, our pressure washing services can effectively remove tough stains and build-up, making your property look brand new.

Soft Washing

Ideal for more delicate surfaces, our soft washing services use lower pressure and gentle cleaning solutions to remove dirt and grime without causing damage.

Deck Restoration

Don’t let a worn-out deck diminish the appeal of your outdoor space. Our deck restoration services can revive your deck’s appearance, making it a place you’ll be proud to show off.

Roof Cleaning

Our roof cleaning services can safely remove dirt, moss, and algae, extending your roof’s lifespan and improving your home’s overall appearance.

Providing A Royal Treatment

before and after photos of brick pathway in Essex County

Why Royal Exterior Cleaning LLC?

Choosing Royal Exterior Cleaning LLC means more than just hiring an exterior cleaning service. It means entrusting the care of your valuable property to experienced professionals.

Our team is trained to handle all your needs with precision, offering a wide range of services, from power washing to deck restoration. We prioritize quality, employing high-grade equipment and environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions to deliver exceptional results.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction and environmental responsibility further sets us apart. We strive to ensure you’re pleased with our services, from consultation to completion. As a fully licensed and insured company, we provide peace of mind while caring for your property.

When you choose Royal Exterior Cleaning LLC, you choose a dedicated partner in maintaining your property’s beauty and value. Experience the Royal Exterior Cleaning LLC difference today.

The Transformative Power of Pressure Washing in Belleville, NJ

Embrace the Power of Pressure Washing with Royal Exterior Cleaning LLC in Belleville, NJ

In Belleville, NJ, properties constantly face environmental challenges. The question then becomes, how do you maintain the beauty of your building or home amidst these trials? The answer is simple – Pressure Washing! As Royal Exterior Cleaning LLC, we’re here to provide superior pressure washing services to keep your exterior surfaces looking pristine.

Pressure washing, also known as power washing, is a cleaning method that uses high-pressure water spray to remove dirt, mold, dust, mud, and other unsightly stains from objects and surfaces. Pressure washing isn’t just about making your property look nice; it has numerous benefits that enhance the overall health and value of your property. Let’s delve into the transformative benefits of pressure washing as provided by Royal Exterior Cleaning LLC in Belleville, NJ.

worker pressure washing roof in Bergen county
pavement being pressure and soft washed by employee in Essex county

Maintain the Value of Your Property

Preserving the value of your property in Belleville, NJ, and the wider Essex County, is of utmost importance. Over time, dirt, grime, and algae can build up on your building’s exterior, leading to unsightly stains and potential damage. Royal Exterior Cleaning LLC provides a thorough pressure washing service that effectively removes these stains and prevents long-term damage, helping to maintain the value of your property.

Boost Curb Appeal

Your property’s exterior is the first thing people see. In Belleville, NJ, whether it’s for residential or commercial properties, curb appeal matters. With pressure washing from Royal Exterior Cleaning LLC, you can ensure your home or business always makes a great first impression.

Healthier Environment

Pressure washing is a practical solution for creating a healthier environment in Belleville, NJ, and the greater Essex County area. It removes harmful substances like mold and mildew that can cause health issues. Royal Exterior Cleaning LLC makes health a priority, offering quality pressure washing services to protect you, your family, or your employees.

Saves Time and Effort

Cleaning the exterior of your property can be a daunting task. But with the professional pressure washing services provided by Royal Exterior Cleaning LLC, you can sit back and relax. We get the job done efficiently, saving you time and effort.

Increased Property Lifespan

Pressure washing is a cost-effective method to increase the lifespan of your property. At Royal Exterior Cleaning LLC, our top-notch pressure washing services eradicate harmful substances that degrade building materials over time, ensuring your property in Belleville, NJ remains sturdy and appealing.

Economical Cleaning Solution

Pressure washing is a wallet-friendly solution to exterior cleaning. It requires less water and effort compared to traditional methods. With Royal Exterior Cleaning LLC, you save more than just money. You save precious time and energy, allowing you to focus on more important matters.

Environmentally Friendly

Pressure washing isn’t only beneficial to your property; it’s also eco-friendly. It eliminates the need for harsh chemicals that can harm our environment. Royal Exterior Cleaning LLC in Belleville, NJ believes in delivering high-quality services while protecting our planet.

worker pressure washing deck.

Experience the Unparalleled Power of Professional Pressure Washing with Royal Exterior Cleaning LLC

If you are ready to experience the benefits of professional pressure washing in Belleville, NJ, and surrounding Essex County, don’t hesitate to reach out to Royal Exterior Cleaning LLC. Call us at 201-916-2301 to schedule your pressure washing service today.

We can’t wait to bring a new level of clean to your property. Remember, quality pressure washing is just one call away at 201-916-2301. Trust Royal Exterior Cleaning LLC to provide you with an efficient, thorough, and professional pressure washing service. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Discover the transformative power of pressure washing with Royal Exterior Cleaning LLC, where we believe in clean exteriors for a healthier and happier Belleville, NJ.


We take pride in the quality of our work. Our trained professionals use the latest techniques and highest-quality materials to ensure your home looks its best.


As a locally owned and operated business, we’re more than just a company – we’re your neighbors. We treat every job with the utmost respect and honesty, providing transparent pricing and exceptional service.


Your satisfaction is our success. We go above and beyond to exceed your expectations, providing a pressure washing and restoration service that you can rely on. Experience the difference with Royal Exterior Cleaning NJ.

Belleville is a township in Essex County, in the U.S. state of New Jersey. As of the 2020 United States census, the township’s population was 38,222, an increase of 2,296 (+6.4%) from the 2010 census count of 35,926, which in turn reflected a decline of two people from the 35,928 counted in the 2000 Census.

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